Dialysis Athens provides a ‘Flying Nurse’ service for patients who would like to be accompanied on their outward journey to Greece and return journey home.

Prior to departure our nurse is willing to :

  • Agree on a plan for the journey home, regarding giving medications, wound care, toileting and hygiene issues, mobility, and food and hydration needs.
  • Meet with the patient the day before departure, either in the Clinic or at their hotel, to discuss the plan for their journey home.
  • Ensure the patient is happy with the proposed plan, while giving them the opportunity to ask questions. Aspects of the plan will be as flexible as possible.

On departure day :

  • Meet the patient at the agreed time to ensure they are packed and ready to go.
  • Take baseline vital signs, check any wound dressings, pressure areas, etc.
  • Ensure any prescribed medications have been taken and make sure that their passport and any medication that may be needed during the flight is packed in their hand luggage.
  • Accompany the patient to the airport in a taxi or ambulance, ensure there is a wheelchair (if needed), and assist them with check-in, luggage, and security.
  • Make the patient comfortable and get them drinks and/or snacks prior to departure, if they want.
  • Assist them to priority board and make them comfortable in their seats, getting extra pillows or blankets, etc., if they need them, prior to departure.

During the flight :

  • Ensure the patients are as comfortable as possible, help to keep any pain under control, make sure they have any food and drink that they want, and give any medications as prescribed.
  • Give them time and opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have regarding the treatment they have received, answering to the best of her knowledge, as patients often think of questions on the way home.
  • Assist the patient if they have any flying anxiety, and keep them informed of our routing and timings, if they want to know them.
  • Assist the patient to the toilet, getting an aisle chair if needed.

Upon landing :

  • Explain the procedure for disembarking, if they have a wheelchair.
  • Take them through immigration and on to the luggage collection area.
  • Find their luggage and load it onto a trolley and go through customs.
  • Escort them out of the terminal to our waiting ambulance or taxi, making them comfortable once inside.
  • Help them into their home or whatever facility they may be going to, ensuring all their luggage is with them.
  • Reinforce the importance of contacting their doctor, if they are at home, to ensure they are seen by their doctor as soon as is practicable so that their aftercare can be commenced.
  • Make sure, prior to leaving them, that they are safe and comfortable, and that a relative or friend knows they are back, if that’s what the patient wants.
  • Reinforce that should they have any medical issues prior to seeing their doctor, that they should contact the NHS 111 service, for example (if they are in the UK), or call for an ambulance if they have a medical emergency.
  • Send a post flight report back to the Clinic detailing any issues or problems that arose during the transfer.

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